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A nod to my postgrad programme. (And the name of the blog…) It’s the early days but over the next three years I’m hoping to get my head round the theory of education, communication, digital media and …everything. (Hey, physics has a theory of everything, why can’t we have one here.) And then apply it to make informed decisions about how to make online, interactive, web 2.0 stuff work in life science education. Perhaps even answer the question, “Should we use tablet computers/ ipads in our teaching, or are we just trying to be in with the cool kids?”


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  1. Interesting question my fellow classmate. Are we trying to be accepted by the cool kids? I like this. So it got me thinking of what I have just recently read in our text for our first subject…. Teaching as a design science by Laurillard… out fo all the technology we use and have used in our classrooms only a handful have been created with the actual purpose of education. This got me thinking on my ongoing efforts to implement these technologies into my classroom and give it an educational twist. So maybe am I wrong in doing this or should I put my energy on the creation of something specifically for teaching?

  2. I guess we just have to follow our instincts- and keep trying. Any good teacher would want to use technology because it adds something, not because it’s cool or fun, but we won’t know until we’ve tried. The funny thing for me is that schools are much more advanced in using tablets than we are at uni. The time will come, or probably has come for some of our students, where starting uni feels like a step back in time. Piles of printed handouts. The latest science taught with an antiquated educational philosophy…

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