eye_cropThomas Nuhse is a man of science who, after the lofty heights of postdoctoral research and career development fellowship, discovers that teaching undergraduates is a lot more fun and satisfying than chasing the next marketable research avenue. Who is glad to have had the opportunity to swerve into a teaching focused role at a great university. And now dives into using digital technology to enhance teaching.

Shifting focus in my work has made me think a lot about why and how we teach, the discrepancy between what the students need and what we give them, and what a university could look like if we could design it from scratch, with no historic baggage and no concern for what’s convenient for us lecturers. Obviously I haven’t got “the” answers. But it’s fun to think about!

With digital technology and its place in teaching and learning, these are exciting times because nobody (I think) quite knows where it’s all going, but everybody feels there should be vast potential for engaging students in complex subject matter (as we try to do at uni) and making learning more enjoyable and efficient. I’m a novice, help me out here.


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